Don't Just Review Resturant

Who read reviews before going to restaurants and cafes?
Bunny will lead you to the best rated food item according to the number of likes and recommandations.

Fully digital menu where you can Food item.

On facebook if their are more likes on any post that simply means people liked that most.
Same way, more likes on food items means that plate must me best among all.


Ratings on Food Items

Easy to rate food items!

Search the item of restaurant/cafe, Like or dislike it. Even you can recommend that item.

We collect all the ratings of a specific dish and provide a recommendation for best plates across the city which can lead you to the finest restaurant.The delicious Bunny team will provide you all the updates for exciting offers."GIVE RATINGS AND EARN POINT".Increase the points and earn cash back.

Classified Profile of Restaurants and cafes

Recommended Items

Easy to figure out which item is best according to number of likes, recommendations in particular restaurants and cafes.

Valid information

Recent customer experience, facilities, opening timings, reviews, offers, additional reviews like service, food, value, etc...


You can search like from 200+ Restaurants and Cafes

Bunny will show you how many restaurants/cafes serve exactly that same item
and which of them is having highest ratings.

Lets Search Paneer Tikka

Following restaurants are serving Paneer Tikka and related items.


Pay with Bunny Wallet and get upto
25% Cash back everytime

Buy bunny membership card, activate it from application. Recharge your wallet and do cashless transaction in more then 200+ Restaurants and cafes.

Buy membership Card @ 599Rs

T&C Apply

We are a small Team Building a Food Review platform for next generation.

We have developed only 0.1% of our vision. Many more things yet to come in near future.

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