Hi we are Bunny Team.

An innovative collective of like-minded folks making useful and problem solving platform.

We have Developed 0.1% of our Vision

Our vision is to create an eco system where we can collect more and more ratings on food items to help out restaurants and cafes to reach to their potential customer. And same way it will help customers to find better restaurants for the taste that they are finding.

Our Future products detail are publishing soon!

Why we are doing this?

Their are lots of restaurants/cafes in our city that actually server better food then others. Every restaurants/cafes have their atlist 5 to 10 best items which people dont know about it.

Customer Problem

80% people face problem in choosing food items from menu. So we are providing menus with no. of likes and recommandations to make it simpler.

Restaurant Problem

We are giving them a platform to promote themselves by their best rated food items. Attract more customers by their offers and disounts.


No platform is providing statistical data to filter out which item is best.

Hot! More then 15,000 food items uploaded on DELICIOUS bunny Platform, and still going on.